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February 29, 2012

Retiring the blog – for now

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It’s just not my thing keeping a blog up to date with all the stuff that interests me (as you may have noticed). There are more important things in life than showing off by writing an endless series of blog posts about the most obvious things, or about bashing technologies, or about ranting against companies/people, or about how f*in smart I am.

I’ll leave it online though since my Korg M50 – Reaper post is vaguely popular and already helped out a few M50 (and M3) owners.

Meanwhile, I still experiment a lot with music, cooking :), Android, BI and lately also GIS technologies. You can follow me on twitter and/or circle me on Google+

Who knows what the future will bring – look out for that next leap day :). If I ever find a good balance in my life I may write an occasional blog post about it although chances are that I’ll prefer posting it on my Google+ stream instead.


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