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December 19, 2007

Setting a one hour a day limit

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If you surf the web for a few minutes; type in a search query into your favorite search engine; then you’ll probably notice that millions of people enjoy their daily blog posting activities.  And I must admit, the thought of showing of my knowledge to the world through the same means – a blog – has crossed my mind more than once.  Well, the inevitable has happened: This is my first blog post!

The title of my first post indicates that I’m setting a limit however: I absolutely will not spend more than one hour a day on this blog. Most of the days I even won’t put any time in at all.

As a Software Architect I have to deal with a whole bunch of technologies every day.  So that’s what I’ll be posting about the most I guess.  So… what can you expect here (assuming you’d expect something that is)?

  • Business Intelligence related stuff.  This can go from dimensional modeling topics to SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 (2008?) cube design.  I’m still a novice in that field but I intend to become a true data warehouse guru ;)
  • C# and the .Net framework… and even Java if I happen to be in that camp at the moment of posting.
  • Agile development methodologies (Genesis)
  • I love my MacBook running Leopard so… who knows :)

And that’s not an all inclusive list!


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